Since 2014, SVP Teens has fundraised and granted over $37,000 to 8 local charities.

SVP Teens, a program of SVP Waterloo Region, brings together some of Waterloo Region's most passionate youth (grades 7 - 12) to identify issues in our community and work towards solving them. Throughout the year, these local leaders take on diverse volunteer opportunities, connect with community leaders and hold multiple fundraisers.

Our Past Initiatives

Our Past Grant Recipients

Kinbridge, community association
Child Witness Centre
Kid Sport
Reception House Waterloo Region
Adventure For Change
CJI, Imagine a just Community
Bereaved Families of Ontario, Midwestern Region

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When’s the next meeting/event/fundraiser?

A: We usually hold team-wide meetings every month, and some sub-committees such as the exec team may choose to meet more often as needed. Specific dates are decided based on our members’ individual schedules.

Q: Where’s the next meeting/event/fundraiser?

A: We hold our monthly meetings at the Catalyst Commons in Waterloo (137 Glasgow St Unit 210). But we hold weekly executive meetings weekly. As for events, they could be anywhere in Kitchener, Waterloo, or Cambridge, there is likely information about our next event on this website!

Q: Do I have to attend every meeting/Do I need to provide notice if I’m going to miss one?

A: While we ask that you arrange your schedule to attend as many meetings as possible, attending every meeting is not mandatory. (Schedules can get busy during the school year -- we get it.) However, we ask that you let us know at least three days in advance if you’re going to be missing one, and that you would be up-front and honest about your own availability prior to committing to large projects or leadership roles. Also, it will be your own responsibility to get yourself caught up after missing a meeting. This will be possible by reviewing the meeting minutes (posted on the website under the Meeting Minutes tab), and by communicating via Slack.

Q: Is there a cost to joining the program?

A: Joining our team is completely free! Thanks to our sponsors, there are no financial barriers for teens interested in getting involved with the program.

Q: Is this a club? If so, how can I join?

A: SVP Teens is not affiliated with any school or school board. This is an incredibly unique opportunity to give back to the community and meet like-minded teens from all over the region. We put out teen applications in late May so stay tuned for that if you are interested in joining us! We will review the applications over the summer and let you know if you have been accepted as well as what your position will be (if you have applied for an exec position).

Q: Can I get volunteer hours?

A: Yes!! With consistent attendance, teens can earn more than the required 40 volunteer hours over the course of one year.

Contact Us

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