Administrative Resources

These resources are to be used in meetings. They will help you stay efficient and organized throughout the year.

Meeting Minutes Template
Why use the template?

Following a consistent format for note taking will ensure that every meeting is thoroughly documented and all members know how to get up to speed after a missed meeting.

How to use the template

Click here to open a view-only version of the template. Make a copy to your drive, and edit away!

Some guidelines to follow when taking notes using this template: 

  • An agenda should be written prior to the meeting. These agenda items should be pre-written in the 'Topics of Discussion' section of the template.

  • The person leading the meeting should not be the one taking notes (appoint a secretary!)

  • For execs not present at a meeting, use the strikethrough feature to cross off their names.

  • Add Links to relevant documents! Whether they were created, worked on or referenced, this will make life much easier for everyone!

  • Don't forget to fill out the action items section! (complete with the people or teams responsible for getting it done)

How to share with the team!

First, name your document in the format "Month (3 letter)/Day/Year/Purpose". 

So if your meeting was on January 1st, 2020 and its purpose was to organize a fundraiser, you could title it:

"Jan/01/2020/Fundraiser Planning"

Consistent naming will make it easier to search for documents in the future, so this step is important!

There are two places you must share the document.

  1. The document must be put into the SVP Teens team Google Drive in the folder titled MeetingMinutes.

  2. Send the link to your document in the #1meetingminutes channel in slack. 

That's all! Thanks for helping us document the awesome work we're doing!

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