Application Process

SVP Teens has an application process designed to match teens with roles which are best suited for them. Everyone is welcome to apply! The applications for the 2020/21 year are now closed. If you missed the application period but want to get involved, contact us!

Why Join SVP Teens?

The world we were born into is so messed up. We've had to grow up hearing constant stories of discrimination, abuse of power, conflict, poverty, violence, and hatred, all on a planet that humans have done irreversible damage to and aren't taking sufficient action to save. 

Living in this world can be discouraging, and it often feels like as a young individual, there is nothing you can do to offset the millions of people who don't care enough to speak up and take action for what they believe in. 

As an individual, one can feel incredibly powerless to address the issues that you care about.

Many teens have taken to 'Instagram activism' by reposting various posts on their Instagram stories, starting petitions, and changing their profile pictures. Because of this, WE KNOW that there are teens out there who care about these issues. The problem is that most teens don't know how they, as individuals, can make a substantial or meaningful difference.

SVP Teens is a place for those who care to come together, because we can accomplish so much more together than as individuals. Rather than meaningless social media posts, we raise real money, learn from real people, donate to real charities, and have a real impact in the lives of others. 

SVP Teens is a place where teens are empowered to take MEANINGFUL ACTION towards adressing the constant injustice and inequality that surrounds us.

Frequently asked questions

When's the next meeting?

Our first all-team meeting for the 2020-2021 school year will be held in early September. Teens selected for leadership positions will meet during the summer (if available) to start planning for the year to come.

When does SVP Teens meet?

Team-wide meetings will be held monthly. Sub-committees can choose to meet more often as needed. The day of the week is decided based on the schedules of Teens members. We understand that not everyone's schedule will align, which is why we have made it possible for members to catch up on missed information by using our website, team google drive and slack.

Do members have to attend every meeting?

As teenagers ourselves, we understand how busy schedules can get during the school year. While we ask that you arrange your schedule to attend as many meetings as possible, attending every meeting is not mandatory. We also ask that teens are up front and honest about the time commitment they are able make prior to taking on large projects or leadership roles. It is the responsibilty of teens members to get themselves caught up after missing a meeting. This will be possible by reviewing the meeting minutes (posted on the website under the Meeting Minutes tab), and by communicating via slack.

Is there a cost to joining the program?

Joining our team is completely free! Thanks to our sponsors, there are no financial barriers for teens interested in getting involved with the program.

Is this a club?

SVP Teens is not affiliated with any school or school board. This is an incredibly unique opportunity to give back to the community and meet like-minded teens from all over the region.

Can I get volunteer hours?

Yes!! With consistent attendance, teens can earn more than the required 40 volunteer hours over the course of one year.

Where does the program take place?

We hold our monthly meetings at the Accelerator Centre in Waterloo (295 Hagey Boulevard). Events we run and tours we attend occur all over Kitchener, Waterloo, and Cambridge. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have been finishing off the 2019-2020 year using video conferencing software such as Google Meet and Zoom. We are committed to following social distancing guidelines, and we hope to be back to meeting in-person by September 2020!

What can I gain from joining the program?

Every member adds value to the SVP Teens group, and SVP Teens has something to offer every member. Whether you are looking to improve social skills, mentor others, put your technical skills to use, learn from community mentors, work on meaningful projects, learn about your community, or meet other motivated and like-minded teens, SVP Teens has something to offer you.

A Year in the Life of SVP Teens

Former SVP Teen Quinn Ruby shares her experience as a member of the teens group.

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