Member Directory

This directory is a map of all the SVP Teens for the 2019/2020 year as of August 2019.

Use it to figure out who you'll be working with and who you can ask to find the answers to your questions!

Floaters exist to join teams wherever help is needed. They have the opportunity to try out every team to see what they like. If you are a member of a certain team and you'd like to try out a new role or help out elsewhere, speak to your exec!

Your roles are not meant to limit you-if you are a photographer, that doesn't mean you can't also help with the planning of an event!


We want to make sure that everyone feels like a valuable and contributing member of the team. If you are looking for ways to contribute, reach out to someone on our leadership team on slack (marked as EXEC or bolded in the above diagram) to see if they could use your help.

If your team needs extra help over the course of the year, post in the #floaters-general channel.

A Note About Roles

2019-2020 ROLES (Google Docs may take a few seconds to load... be patient!)

There are two types of roles that make up our 2019-2020 team. Teens in leadership roles are responsible for setting the vision for our team and mentoring new members throughout the year. The rest of the group will be planning and carrying out events, getting inspired by volunteering and community opportunities, listening to guest speakers, fundraising, and learning as much as they can!


Each role is essential to the success of the team, and we encourage you to take initiative and bring opportunities forward so that we can benefit and get involved. We will all be working together to set and accomplish goals over the course of the year, and we value the contributions that each and every member will make to our team. Read the descriptions below to learn more about each role!

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