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How to get set up with Slack and Google Drive.

About Slack:

Slack is the messaging software that SVP Teens will be using to communicate throughout the year. Similar to Discord, it is organized into channels. Each channel has a defined purpose that allows us to keep all of our conversations organized and relevant. It is available as a desktop app, in every browser, and as an app on every mobile device (can be found in the app store). We recommend configuring both the mobile app and the desktop app.

Things you can do with Slack:

Create channels to discuss the details of specific fundraisers, events, or topics only relevant to specific groups

Upload and share media from other resources (such as Google Drive)

Create and respond to polls (this feature will be used to decide on meeting dates and other team-wide decisions, and can also be used to make smaller decisions within committees). To make a poll, simply type /poll "option 1" "option 2" "option 3" in the text bar.

Rules for using Slack:

1. No private channels. To ensure that everyone in the group can see the progress you are making, all channels must be public (this is the default setting when creating a new channel).

2. Uphold the values listed under the Values page.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to reach out to our admins at any time!

Member Directory.

Role descriptions and exec team descriptions.

A note about the roles.

Your roles are not meant to limit you. If you are a photographer, that doesn't mean that you can't also help out with event planning! We want to make sure that everyone feels like a valuable and contributing member of the team. If you are looking for ways to contribute, reach out to one of our Execs on Slack.

General Role Descriptions:

There are two types of roles that make up our 2020-2021 team. Teens in leadership roles (execs) are responsible for setting the vision for our team and mentoring new members throughout the year. The rest of the group will be planning and carrying out events, getting inspired by volunteering and community opportunities, listening to guest speakers, fundraising, and learning as much as they can!

Each role is essential to the success of the team, and we encourage you to take initiative and bring opportunities forward so that we can benefit and get involved. We will all be working together to set and accomplish goals over the course of the year, and we value the contributions that each and every member will make to our team. Read the descriptions below to learn more about each role!

If you are unsure of who to reach out to, please visit the Our Team page, to see which Chair, Vice-Chair or other Exec member will be able to best direct you.