New Member FAQ

Got questions? Chances are, someone else does too. Before asking (by messaging @Audrey or @Megan on Slack), be sure to check the FAQ! More questions will be added throughout the year.

When does SVP Teens meet?

Team-wide meetings will be held monthly. Sub-committees can choose to meet more often as needed. The day of the week is decided based on the schedules of Teens members. We understand that not everyone's schedule will align, which is why we have made it possible for members to catch up on missed information by using our website, team google drive and slack.

When’s the next meeting/event/fundraiser?

You can always find important dates on our SVP Teens Calendar! We usually hold team-wide meetings every month, and some sub-committees may choose to meet more often as needed. Specific dates are decided based on our members’ individual schedules.

Where’s the next meeting/event/fundraiser?

We hold our monthly meetings at the Accelerator Centre in Waterloo (295 Hagey Boulevard). As for events, they could be anywhere in Kitchener, Waterloo, or Cambridge -- check out each event on the Calendar page for details.

Do I have to attend every meeting/Do I need to provide notice if I’m going to miss one?

While we ask that you arrange your schedule to attend as many meetings as possible, attending every meeting is not mandatory. (Schedules can get busy during the school year -- we get it.) However, we ask that you let us know at least three days in advance if you’re going to be missing one, and that you would be up-front and honest about your own availability prior to committing to large projects or leadership roles. Also, it will be your own responsibility to get yourself caught up after missing a meeting. This will be possible by reviewing the meeting minutes (posted on the website under the Meeting Minutes tab), and by communicating via slack.

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