Personal Challenge Fundraiser

Get ready for the 2023 SVP Teens Personal Challenge Fundraiser!

Our teens are taking on exciting personal goals and fun activities to raise funds for the SVP Teens community grant fund. Follow their journey on Instagram (@svpteens) and donate to support them!
Click on the links below to donate to their individual pages.


Kyo, Elaine, Hanna

Foolishly Fantastic Fitness Journey

We will be engaging in fitness but with a twist of silliness

Calvin Michalski

Running 2KM Every Day For Charity

$58 raised so far! Goal Reached!
Support me by donating while I run 2KM every day!

Liliana, Anika

Cooking National Dishes

We will be learning to cook the national dishes of different countries!

Anna, Kohana, Krisha

100 Paper Cranes

$42 raised so far! Let's get to $100! Our plan is to create 100 paper cranes (or even more if we exceed the goal), inspired by the 1000 paper crane story. Each day of this 25-day journey, we've spread the work among us three (we each fold about one crane everyday), and will document/record videos as well as make online posts to be posted on a separate Instagram!

Rashed Sadjad

Comedic Filmmaking

$50 raised so far! Let's get to $1000!
I will make a funny video with a given duration for every given amount donated. More money = longer video. The person who donates also has the option to specify how they want to make my video funny and they can specify to whatever extent they like.

Hanna Xia

Painting Cartoons

I will paint cartoon characters from TV Shows/Movies. The paintings will be on the same canvas creating a collage at the end.