Lockdown Learning Fundraiser

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Two weeks ago, SVP Teens ran the Lockdown Learning Fundraiser, the first of the 2020-2021 year. Despite some initial challenges with finding participants, we managed to pull together and raise a grand total of $936!

After a quick introduction from our chairs, Maddie and Nathan, and our vice-chair of fundraising, Qianxu, participants divided themselves into six different sessions. In baking, they learned how to make delicious brownies with blondie batter swirled in to create a cool marbled effect. In other sessions, participants learned about everything from coding to origami to the density of different liquids. Special thanks to Denise David-Gains from Atlas Yoga Studio for generously donating her time and expertise to lead a relaxing virtual yoga session and giving participants one month of free access to online yoga classes! In between their first and second sessions, participants played a fun and informative Kahoot to test their general knowledge.

Maddie had this to say about the fundraiser: “Facing a pandemic is no easy task. Initially, one of the greatest challenges we faced was finding ways to fundraise in a way that was completely virtual. However, I’m so thrilled to say that the Lockdown Learning Fundraiser was a success! As the first fundraiser of the 2020-2021 year, the stakes were higher than usual. Like always, the Teens rose to the occasion, bringing their passion and enthusiasm to raise over 900 dollars. SVP Teens hopes to continue this progress by organizing fundraisers that are effective in how it raises money and how it builds relationships between members and the community. COVID-19 is an exercise in resilience, but I know that with such passionate members, there is nothing we cannot accomplish.”

We are all excited to see what SVP Teens does next!

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