First Fundraiser: September Bottle Drive

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

The SVP Teens just finished off their first fundraiser of the year: a region-wide bottle drive!


On September 7th, the date of our first meeting, the SVP Teens were first introduced to the concept of our bottle drive fundraiser. Many had never participated in a bottle drive, and were eager to take on this unfamiliar challenge. For those who still don't know, a bottle drive is a method of fundraising that can be used by people of all ages to collect donations on behalf of a charity. The premise is simple: collect empty liquor containers and return them to your local Beer Store in exchange for money.

Teens in Action

Over the next few weeks, teens reached out to family, friends, neighbors, and parents' coworkers to collect as many empty alcoholic cans and beverages as they possibly could. The SVP Teens group was divided into 8 teams based on region (although most teams were made up of kids who live near Sir John A Macdonald S.S. in Waterloo), with the challenge of competing against each other to raise the most money.

Teams then collected, sorted and returned bottles to local Beer stores, and submitted the funds raised in an online system that allowed all cash to be collected efficiently. As money came in, an online leaderboard was updated to show teens how they were doing compared to other teams. This aspect of competition was designed to encourage team spirit and friendly competition, while motivating the group to surpass fundraising goals.


This bottle drive was the most successful bottle drive that our team has run to date. As a whole, the teens raised almost $1000 over the course of September. This is definitely a fundraiser that should be run again!


- This fundraiser is a good way to test who embraces the challenge and find the 'go-getters'

- Fundraiser allows team mates to meet new people - Team bonding!

- Raised a lot of money fairly easily and quickly

- Flexible with varying schedules - everyone can participate

Areas for improvement

- Team leads should self-nominate or be selected at the meeting where the fundraiser is introduced

- A 'collection day' should be set while everyone is at the meeting where the fundraiser is introduced - this gives team members a kick in the butt!

- Team members should be encouraged to collect on their own time, sort as a team, and return bottles as a team! Everyone has different schedules so this can be easier

- Teams should do the math and set a realistic goal for how much each person should raise. With a goal, everyone can hold each other accountable!

- No one really submitted funds throughout the month - most submissions came on the very last day. This made the competition aspect fall a little bit flat as one couldn't check in to see how their team was performing relative to other teams.

- The SVP Paypal should be upgraded to a Not for Profit account so fees are lower

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