Welcome to the fundraising page! Find fundraising policies, procedures, and resources here! This page is a work in progress and will be improved over the course of the year. If you have feedback on procedures, message the Fundraising Execs on slack [@Keval @Ingrid or @Qianxu].

Sponsorship Resources (Silent Auction Prizes)

One type of fundraiser that SVP Teens runs are silent auctions that require donations from local businesses. While the task of asking businesses for these prizes may seem daunting, we have compiled some resources to help you out! 

Something super important to focus on is building relationships with local businesses so we can count on their support in the future. Be sure to follow up and send thank you letters or emails to businesses who donate to let them know the impact that they are having. 

To the right is a sample letter that was drafted when collecting Prizes for a raffle that we held at the 2019 SVP All Partners Meeting. 

Use this letter as a guide, and be sure to update it with relevant information (ensure the company name, date of event, and other details are accurate!)

Resources like these and more can be found in our team drive: 

If you have not yet joined the team drive, reach out to @Audrey or @Lily on Slack and they can help get you set up!

Fundraising FAQ

I have an idea for a fundraiser. How to I make it happen with the support of SVP Teens?

This process is still a work in progress, but for now reach out to @Joss, @Keval, @Ingrid, and @Qianxu to get the ball rolling!

This program is possible thanks to our generous sponsor:

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