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Fundraiser Info!

Much like the bottle drive fundraiser that we did earlier in the year, this fundraiser will involve teens working in teams to raise funds together. However, to make the fundraiser a more engaging experience, teams are free to choose whatever method they would like (with approval from the fundraising execs) to raise funds!

The Basics

The free choice fundraiser has been designed to give teens the freedom and power to execute the ideas that teens may not have the opportunity or resources to try otherwise. Some ideas for this fundraiser include doing a wheel of misfortune (like the wheel of fortune, except negative!), a bottle drive (classic), and a second-hand yard sale drive! That being said, all ideas must be approved by fundraising execs.

General Tips

Do not meet strangers 1 on 1

Nothing illegal!

Utilize SVP's resources (social media, photographers, etc.)

Don't be afraid to ask for help!


Designated roles can be a great way to organize tasks and get things done! Some possible roles include:

Project Lead, Scheduler, etc.


Not only can working in teams help you to function efficiently and encourage each other, but teams are also a great way to meet new people! Be open to making new friends! This will make SVP Teens an even more fun experience, and the connections you make now will serve you all year. Make sure to establish and use communications channels with your teammates to make sure everyone is on track.

The final day to submit money is on April 18th, 2020.

Make sure all money has been submitted for your team by the deadline! 

For instructions on how to submit money, scroll up to the Submission section of the page. 

Where does the money go?

Throughout the year, SVP Teens will be conducting various fundraisers with one goal in mind: Raising enough money for our yearly grant. Every year in February, SVP Teens puts out a call to local charities to apply for our grant. Teens then go through the process of reviewing applications, conducting site visits, and eventually selecting one charity to be the grant recipient. In past years teens have raised $2000, matched by SVPWR  (for a grant of $4000 total). Due to the increase in number of teens, we have our hopes set much higher this year. The sky is the limit!

This program is possible thanks to our generous sponsor:

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